Bette Midler’s Chicken Kim Kardashian Passes Away

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Kim Kardashian could be, hands down, one of the best names to ever give a chicken. Unfortunately the chicken that shares the same moniker as one of reality TV’s most famous (for not really being famous) has passed away.

Kim Kardashian belonged to Bette Midler. Yes, THE Bette Midler. She had named some of her chicks after the Kardashian family in a way to poke fun at them. Just another reason to love her.

On June 1st, Mider told Us Weekly and other reporters at the New York Restoration Project Spring Picnic of Kim’s death.

“Kim died of a yeast infection, so we had to get some different ones,” she commented.

While it’s tragic that her belove pet passed away, there might never be a funnier name to give a chicken.