Bentley Had To Use NASA Technology For This Picture

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At first glance, this picture looks like a simple picture of the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s not though.

It’s actually a picture of Bentley’s Mulsanne, a $330,000 car.

Where’s the car? You can’t see it from a distance, but by visiting Bentley’s website, you can zoom in and see it. The picture on Bentley’s website goes from a panoramic view of the bridge and zooms into a close up of even the stitching on the Bentley logo on the passenger headrest.

Bentley said it fitted together 70 individual photographs to create the image, using the same technology developed by NASA to make panoramas from photographs beamed back by the Curiosity rover on Mars.

This picture of the car manufacturer’s Mulsanne has 53 billion pixels!

According to Bentley, if the picture were to be printed out, it would be the same size as a whole entire football field.