2 Year Old Twin Saves His Brother In Video That’s Going Viral

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In a video that’s very disturbing for any parent to see, a two year old boy saves his twin after a dresser falls on him in their bedroom. The two boys are seen climbing the dresser in the video until it eventually topples over and falls onto one of the boys.

The moment it falls on the boy is petrifying. You can see that this is clearly a heavy piece of furniture and it landed straight on the kid. The other boy desperately tries to move the dresser until he is successful and his brother is saved.

One asks, where were the parents? Why were the cameras in the room if the parents weren’t monitoring their children.

The Utah mother of the boys, Bowdy and Brock Shoff, had a response. “My heart sank,” Kayli Shoff told Good Morning America in an interview aired on Wednesday. “I honestly felt like the worst parent ever. It was such an easy thing for me that I could’ve done to prevent what happened to my children.”
“I ripped off the covers, ran downstairs, flung open the door and saw them quietly playing in the corner by their crib,” she told GMA.

Didn’t he need the emergency room??

Check out the video for yourself here: