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High Upside Alert:
Innovative Diagnostics Poised for Significant Growth

This under-the-radar company is taking bold steps to grab market share in a rapidly-growing – and highly fragmented — $213 billion market

Read on to discover how Avalon GloboCare Corp. (Nasdaq: ALBT) is emerging as a market leader in diagnostics and clinical laboratory services…

It’s one of the fastest-growing areas of the global healthcare market…

According to Market.Us, the global market for clinical laboratory services is projected to grow from $213 billion in 2022 to a staggering $352 billion by 2032.[i]


That’s a compound annual growth rate of 5.3% over the next nine years.


Yet in spite of this impressive growth, most investors remain unaware of the outstanding profit opportunities this market presents right here in North America.


One company that appears to be among the most attractive – as a fast-mover in this space – is Avalon GloboCare Corp. (Nasdaq: ALBT).

Avalon GloboCare’s 3 Core Technology Platforms:

  1. Clinical Laboratory Services / Precision Diagnostics
  1. KetoAir™ breathalyzer device nanosensor technology 
  1. QTY protein design platform joint intellectual property with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Avalon GloboCare Corp. is a commercial-stage company dedicated to developing and delivering innovative, transformative, precision diagnostics and clinical laboratory services.


This seven-year-old company – headquartered in Freehold, New Jersey – has recently taken some expansion-minded steps that position the company well for growth in both revenue and market share.


The company’s focus is on its three core technology platforms…each of which offers significant potential upside.

Now here are six reasons why you should take a close look at Avalon GloboCare Corp. (Nasdaq: ALBT) and consider adding it to your portfolio in the coming weeks:

6 Key Reasons Why Avalon GloboCare Corp. (Nasdaq: ALBT) Appears Well-Positioned for Rapid Growth in the Months Ahead

Key Reason #1: The Company Operates in a Fast-Growing, Highly Fragmented Industry

Thanks to the rising prevalence of chronic diseases – along with the rapid improvements in testing technology – demand for clinical laboratory services has been growing rapidly.


As mentioned earlier, the global market for clinical laboratory services is projected to grow from $213 billion in 2022 to $352 billion by 2032.


Within the United States, this market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.2% between 2023 and 2030, reaching a valuation of $125.6 billion by 2030.

The competitive landscape of the U.S. clinical laboratory services market is highly fragmented. It’s a crowded space with the top 15 players in the industry holding a 25% market share.


This rapid growth and fragmentation presents a unique opportunity for a company like Avalon GloboCare Corp. (Nasdaq: ALBT) to quickly establish a leadership position.


And that’s precisely what Avalon GloboCare is working to do. The company’s strategy for expansion and growth involves key acquisitions and strategic relationships within the highly fragmented market for laboratory testing and services.


The company is targeting laboratories with exceptional performance, positive revenue track records and niche-market advantages to quickly grow its revenue and market share. 

Key Reason #2: Avalon GloboCare’s 1st Major Step into the Laboratory Market: Acquiring a 40% Interest in Laboratory Services MSO

Earlier this year, Avalon GloboCare announced an updated corporate strategy focused on acquiring and operating accretive revenue generating laboratories and related commercialized products.


The company intends to play a leading role in the innovation of diagnostic testing, utilizing proprietary technology to deliver precise, genetics-driven results.


Avalon GloboCare’s first major acquisition – and its first big step into the laboratory market – came in February when the company acquired a 40% interest in Laboratory Services MSO (LSM).

LSM generated revenue of $14.7 million and net income of $6.3 million in 2022. In turn, the company’s profit-sharing arrangement with LSM could result in significant future cash flow to Avalon in the months ahead as the companies take advantage of their synergies.

This acquisition was important to the growth of Avalon GloboCare because it allowed the company to combine LSM’s established infrastructure with Avalon’s cutting-edge diagnostic and cellular immunotherapy platforms.

Key Reason #3: Avalon GloboCare’s Investment in Laboratory Services MSO is Already Delivering

LSM generated revenue of $14.7 million and net income of $6.3 million in 2022. In turn, the company’s profit-sharing arrangement with LSM could result in significant future cash flow to Avalon in the months ahead as the companies take advantage of their synergies.

This acquisition was important to the growth of Avalon GloboCare because it allowed the company to combine LSM’s established infrastructure with Avalon’s cutting-edge diagnostic and cellular immunotherapy platforms.

Avalon GloboCare’s goal is to take advantage of a unique roll-up opportunity within the highly fragmented market for laboratory testing and services.

By targeting laboratories with strong financial track records and niche-market advantages, the company believes it can effectively leverage LSM’s experience and infrastructure to achieve significant synergies with respect to revenue growth and market share.

“Avalon GloboCare’s Laboratory Services MSO Signs Exclusive In-Network Lab Services Agreement Providing Significant Expansion Opportunity into 21 States”


— July 19, 2023



“Avalon’s Laboratory Services MSO Acquires Texas Lab with Significant Potential Growth”


— July 24, 2023



“Avalon’s Laboratory Services MSO Announces Expansion into Arizona”


— August 21, 2023

In July, Avalon GloboCare announced that Laboratory Services MSO had acquired DE Laboratory LLC – a CLIA-certified and COLA-accredited laboratory located in Houston, Texas that offers a wide range of high-quality testing, including drug testing, genetic testing, urinary testing and COVID-19 PCR testing.

LSM is now operating this laboratory as a fully owned subsidiary and has invested growth capital for geographical expansion into the surrounding counties.


This is part of the company’s focus on confirmatory genetic testing during toxicology screening and genetic testing to screen for addictive predisposition. LSM plans to focus on diagnostic testing utilizing proprietary technology to deliver precise genetic-driven results.

Breaking News:

Avalon’s Laboratory Services MSO Announces Expansion into Arizona

One of the more intriguing aspects of the Avalon GloboCare story from an upside perspective is the potential associated with the company’s home-use breathalyzer technology.


Click here to read more.

Key Reason #4: Avalon GloboCare’s KetoAir™ Breathalyzer Offers Smart Exposure to Another Rapidly Growing Market

One of the more intriguing aspects of the Avalon GloboCare story from an upside perspective is the potential associated with the company’s home-use breathalyzer technology.


The KetoAir™ breathalyzer is a handheld device that allows the user to detect acetone levels in exhaled breath.


This unique nanosensor technology allows for optimization of a ketogenic diet and allows the user to monitor his or her ketosis state.


The acetone level is in concentration units (ppm, part-per-million) such that the user will know his/her real-time ketosis status: inadequate ketosis (0-3.99 ppm), mild ketosis (4-9.99 ppm), optimal ketosis (10-40 ppm), or alarming level (> 40 ppm). 


The breathalyzer is registered with the United States FDA as Class I medical device (US FDA registration # 3026284320).


Avalon GloboCare is the exclusive distributor for KetoAir™ in North America, South America, the European Union and the United Kingdom.


This exclusive distribution agreement gives Avalon GloboCare Corp. (Nasdaq: ALBT) smart exposure to the rapidly growing market for breath analyzers.

According to Grandview Research, the global breath analyzers market was valued at $2.38 billion in 2021 and is estimated to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.5% from 2022 to 2030.[ii]

Key Reason #5: Innovative Intellectual Property Portfolio Enables Critical Technologies

Avalon GloboCare also possesses a broad and deep IP assets and portfolio, with patent coverage across a number of key enabling technologies in CellTech and laboratory medicine.


The company is working to bring forward intellectual property through joint patent filings with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), led by Professor Shuguang Zhang as Principal Investigator.


Using the unique QTY code protein design platform, six water-soluble variant cytokine receptors have been successfully designed and tested to show binding affinity to the respective cytokines.


This innovative platform works to transform water-insoluble transmembrane receptor proteins into water-soluble proteins, significantly enhancing the solubility of designer peptides and proteins.

As a result, the repertoire of selected therapeutic targets against cancers and other diseases is expanded, opening new avenues for medical advancements.


Avalon GloboCare is currently focused on bringing forward the intellectual property associated with this program through joint patent submissions and the company continues to be an innovative contributor to significant medical achievements.

Key Reason #6: Avalon GloboCare’s Management Team and Advisory Board Has Demonstrated a Proven Ability to Deliver

Leadership is important in any business, especially when it comes to those businesses involved with innovative health technologies.


In the case of Avalon GloboCare Corp. (Nasdaq: ALBT), the executive leadership team and advisory board bring a wealth of experience to the table, including long track records of delivering innovative solutions.


This impressive team includes:


* Dr. David Jin, MD, PhD – Chief Executive Officer, President and Director


From 2009 to 2016, Dr. Jin has served as the Chief Medical Officer of BioTime, Inc. (NYSE MKT: BTX), a clinical stage regenerative medicine company with a focus on pluripotent stem cell technology. Dr. Jin also acts as a senior translational clinician-scientist at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the Ansary Stem Cell Center at Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University. Prior to his current endeavors, Dr. Jin was Chief Consultant/Advisor for various biotech/pharmaceutical companies regarding hematology, oncology, immunotherapy and stem cell-based technology development. Dr. Jin has been Principle Investigator in more than 15 pre-clinical and clinical trials, as well as author/co-author of over 80 peer-reviewed scientific abstracts, articles, reviews, and book chapters. 


* Meng Li – Chief Marketing Officer, Secretary


Ms. Li has over 15 years of executive experience in international marketing, branding, communications, and media investment consultancy. Ms. Li served as Managing Director at Maxus/GroupM (a WPP Group company) where she was responsible for business P&L and corporate management from 2006 to 2015. Prior to joining Maxus/Group M, Ms. Li worked for Zenith Media (a Publicis Group company) from 2000 to 2006 as Senior Manager. 


* Luisa Ingargiola – Chief Financial Officer


Ms Ingargiola has significant experience serving as Chief Financial Officer or Audit Chair for multiple NASDAQ and NYSE companies. She currently serves as Director and Audit Chair for several public companies including ElectraMeccanica (NASDAQ:SOLO), Dragonfly Energy (NASDAQ:DFLI)and Vision Marine Technolgoies (NASDAQ:VMAR)). From 2007 through 2016, Ms. Ingargiola served as the Chief Financial Officer and then Director at MagneGas Corporation (Nasdaq: MNGA). Prior to 2007, Ms. Ingargiola held various roles as Budget Director and Investment Analyst in several private companies.


* Wenzhao Lu – Chairman of the Board


Mr. Lu is a seasoned healthcare entrepreneur with extensive operation in China. He recently served as Chairman of the Board for the DaoPei Medical Group (“DPMG”ƒ) since 2010. Under his leadership, DPMG has recently expanded its clinical network involving a state-of-the-art stem cell bank at Wuhan Biolake, three top-ranked private hospitals (located in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hebei), specialty hematology laboratories, as well as a hematology research institute, with more than 100 partnering and collaborating hospitals in China. 


The company’s Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board includes:


* Robert S. Langer, Sc.D.Massachusetts Institute of Technology; David H. Koch Institute Professor


* Yen-Michael Hsu, M.D., Ph.D.University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Chief of Cellular Therapy


* Hongxing Liu, M.D., M.S.Lu Daopei Hermatology Institute, Executive President


* Uwe B. Sletyr, Ph.D.Professor Emeritus, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Full Member, Austrian Academy of Sciences




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