You Could Get A Free Year Of Hulu Just By Doing This

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Washington-based carrier T-Mobile made a big announcement on Wednesday that has probably really pissed AT&T off.

T-Mobile is giving away a free year of Hulu to each and every AT&T customer who switches to T-Mobile.

According to the Un-Carrier, Hulu is “an awesome streaming service that actually works.”

Oh, nice way to throw some shade at DirecTV.

“It turns out DirecTV Now is barely watchable, but we’ve got our customers’ backs! So, every former AT&T customer who took us up on our offer now gets a free year of Hulu on us — and they get to enjoy it on a faster, more advanced network with unlimited data!” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile.

“Even I can’t believe AT&T spent $67 billion on DirecTV and still couldn’t roll out a streaming service that worked,” he added.

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