(WMT) Now Has Deep Fried Twinkies

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What we once could only get at the state fair, could now be in our freezers and going right into our bellies.

Hostess Brands just got their foot into the frozen foods category by launching “Deep Fried Twinkies” on Friday.

The maker of lunchbox treats like Ho Hos, has spent a year collaborating with Wal-Mart to bring the cream-filled snack in vanilla or chocolate into reality.

These new Twinkies need to be finished for a short time in the oven, toaster oven or frying pan and will cost $4.76 for a box of seven. For the first three months are available only at Wal-Mart.

It has a “retro cool factor,” commented Ellen Copaken, Hostess’ vice president of marketing. “It plays into the comfort food trend. And it’s fun.”

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