Vuzix’s Smart Glasses Will Be The First Powered by Amazon’s Alexa

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Vuzix will be soon unveiling smart glasses that will be powered by Amazon’s Alexa.

The Vuzix Blade smart glasses will be the first to be powered by Alexa and are expected to be unveiled at the CES 2018 in Las Vegas, the consumer electronics trade show.

The glasses come at a hefty price tag of $1,000 and are aimed at the “prosumer” market. This includes golfers and business customers according to the company.

According to CEO Paul Travers, “Our opinion is that if you make something that solves a problem, there’s a market for it.”

“How many people are going to hold the phone up? It’s unnatural,” he said.

“I believe what Apple does — AR changes everything,” he said.

“VR is head-in-a-bucket stuff … Most people are sweating after an hour. It’s got issues. Technical hurdles. But with a conventional pair of glasses — just regular glasses — information comes up and just stays up in front of you. … AR allows you to be in the real world, and there’s so much more you can do.”

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