Under Armour (NYSE: UA) Launches Mobile Shopping App

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Fitness fanatics may now have an easier way to get their sweat repellent clothing. Under Armour just launched its first mobile shopping app and it’s called UA Shop.

The app, which will be directly integrated into the company’s Fitness platform, collects information from a user’s digital workout record, purchase history, and other data to make personalized shopping recommendations.

UA Shop will let customers review their products and follow famous athletes. According to Under Armour, the UA Shop will have access to “the health and fitness information of more than 170 million members worldwide.”

It even works with Apple pay.

Companies like Under Armour and Nike have been working hard to keep up with the challenging retail environment in order to continue direct to consumer sales. Especially after Sports Authority’s recent bankruptcy that sent its shares flying well below their 52-week low.

Under Armour’s new app will be compatible with the new Under Armour Account, which uses a single sign on and user profile across all of the company’s fitness apps.

Disclaimer: We have no position in Under Armour (NYSE: UA) and have not been compensated for this article.