This Might Make You Think Twice About Whole Foods (NASDAQ: WFM)

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A dripping ceiling, dirty conditions, and Listeria, are the last thing you want to hear about when it comes to a Whole Foods food plant.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is asking Whole Foods Market Inc. to resolve such unsanitary conditions at a plant in Everett, Massachusetts.

The agency found listeria and other serious food-safety violations during a series of inspections in February.

In its warning letter, the FDA has observed an employee spraying ammonium sanitizer near an open colander of salad and that another worker’s “upper sleeves were frequently touching” leafy greens as they were packaged.

The agency also witnessed ready-to-eat pesto pasta and mushrooms quesadillas being prepared in a room where ceiling joints were dripping and observed an employee assembling cartons and packing quinoa cakes without washing hands or changing gloves.

In a letter dated June 8th, the FDA wrote, “FDA has serious concerns that our investigators found your firm operating under these conditions.”

If this sounds worrisome, it should. The facility supplies prepared foods and other products to dozens of Whole Foods stores in the Northeast.

The FDA has given Whole Foods 15 working days to provide specifics on a plan to address the food-safety concerns.

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