This Company Is The Worst Company of The Year According to Yahoo Finance Readers

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It’s no surprise that Boeing would be named the worst company of the year by Yahoo Finance Readers.

Readers who had been polled by Yahoo Finance have given Boeing the title of “Worst Company of the Year” along with We Work.

On the flip side, Target was named the company of the year. Yahoo Finance’s Brian Sozzi remarked that Target is swimming in “shark-infested waters” as it competes with big box retailer Walmart and Amazon.

Boeing has a rough year after a fatal plane crash in Indonesia last October and another fatal crash this March involving Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302. The company has faced regulatory issues, groundings, lawsuits, and an S&P ratings downgrade in creditworthiness.

One Yahoo reader wrote, “They got people killed by skimping on safety.”

Another wrote, “The company was slow to take responsibility for the two fatal crashes that occurred. It had an opportunity to build a completely new plane but instead decided to make minor changes to a plane that was initially built in the 60’s so they didn’t miss out out on short term profits.”

Disclaimer: We have no position in Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) and have not been compensated for this article.

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