T-Mobile Announces It Will Purchase Layer3 TV

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T-Mobile has jumped into the world of television by announcing this week that it is purchasing Layer3 TV.

The company’s CEO John Legere has said the company is going to “fix the pain points” of TV and will “bring real choice to consumers across the country.”

Legere has said it would be “a disruptive new TV service.” He continued, “I can’t wait to start fighting for consumers here.”

“People love their TV, but they hate their TV providers,” Legere explained. “And worse, they have no real choice but to simply take it.”

According to Layer3 TV, the company offers 275 HD channels, supports HDR and provides more than 25,000 on-demand titles. Among the channels included are ABC, ESPN, Fox, HBO, NBC, CBS, History, FX, AMC and MTV.

T-Mobile will be helping to spread Layer3 TV across the U.S. as it isn’t available everywhere yet.

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