Reservations are Full for Ford’s Electric Mustang Mach-E

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Ford Motor. Co announced this week that reservations were full for the company’s high-end Mustang Mach-E First Edition electric sport utility vehicle.

It was in November that the automaker revealed the electric Mustang crossover and started taking reservations that had a $500 refundable deposit.

There were no details given on how many reservations Ford took for the First Edition.

The price tag is roughly $60,000. Ford has said that global production in the first 12 months for all versions of the Mach-E is limited to 50,000 vehicles.

The car will be built in Mexico and its design was inspired by the classic 1960s Mustang sports car.

More than 25% of the reservations are from California, with nearly 30% of U.S. customers choosing Mach-E GT, Ford said.

The company also added that more than 80 percent of U.S. customers are reserving Mach-E with an Extended Range Battery.

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