Nike (NYSE: NKE) Says Converse To Get A Major Change

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The shoes that most of us love to run around in, all while looking casual cool, are about to be re-invented.

Can you believe the Converse brand is 108 years old? Don’t worry, while this new design is meant to compliment, it is not meant to replace. The original Converse All Stars are not going anywhere.

Parent company Nike is reinventing the Converse sneaker yet again. The classic basketball shoe has been completely reinvented and reimagined and the new design is called the All Star Modern.

The Modern is “inspired by” the classic, using Converse’s heritage in a new way. The upscale sneaker will have goat leather instead of canvas with the All Star patch embossed on the side. The leather versions come in black and white and retail for $180. There will also be a knit version of the modern that comes in black, red, green, and blue for $140 and come in both high and low top.

“The Converse All Star Modern is a perfect fusion of our sport heritage with modern design,” said Converse creative director and VP Bryan Cioffi in a release. “With this collection, Converse is delivering a comfortable, lightweight product that’s new, exciting and modern, but still feels very Converse.”

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