McDonalds (MCD) Just Introduced A Service That Could Change Fast Food Forever

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How annoying is it when fast food workers don’t hear your order correctly and you have to get your order fixed?
McDonald’s may have found a solution.

The fast food giant has been testing a new service called the “just-for-your experience” in 200 of its U.S. restaurants and more than 2,000 across the globe.

Customers who use the service order direction from a self-serve kiosk. After you place your order, an employee later brings it to you at your table.

McDonald’s had big news last week announcing that it would expand the service to all 14,000 of its American restaurants.

According to the Wall Street Journal, McDonald’s chief executive Steve Easterbrook, speaking at a McDonald’s in New York’s Tribeca neighborhood on Thursday, said the company has long expected customers to adapt to its business model of ordering at the counter and then waiting to collect their own food.

Easterbrook commented, “we’re adapting our business around customers.”

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