This is How Many Americans Shop on Amazon Most of the Time

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According to the All-America Economic Survey, 75% of Americans are shopping on e-commerce giant most of the time.

CNCB’s All-America Economic Survey has found that in the 12-year history of the survey, it’s now the second year in a row that Americans will shop online for most if not all of their holiday gifts.

45% of the survey takers have said that e-commerce is where they look to in order to shop this holiday season.

This year’s total is 5% higher than last year’s total and even more than twice as high as the number was ten years ago.
Not surprisingly it is Amazon who dominates where shoppers are making their purchases.

The survey found thart 76% of Americans are expecting to do their holiday shopping on Amazon this holiday season.

“As much choice or selection as the internet provides, it’s just an amazing set of data to see all that concentrated in one online retailer,” said Micah Roberts, who is a partner at research firm Public Opinion Strategies. “It really
underscores the dominance in that space.”

Amazon took the reign with this figure and Walmart made the second spot, but with only 8% of Americans expecting to make Walmart their shopping destination or search place this holiday.

65% of Americans have said they search on Amazon most of the time.

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