Google’s (GOOGL) Ceo Thinks This Is What Could Have Swung The election

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Google CEO Sundar Pichai just agreed that fake news could have been what swung the election for newly elect President Donald Trump.

Kamal Ahmed of BBC asked the ceo specifically if fake news may have swung enough votes towards Donald Trump to change the results.

Pichai responded with “Sure.”

He then went on to say, “Look, it is important to remember this was a very close election and so, just for me, so looking at it scientifically, one in a hundred voters voting one way or the other swings the election either way. … From our perspective, there should just be no situation where fake news gets distributed, so we are all for doing better here.”

According to Pichai, Google has already taken steps to rid Google of fake news sites and stories by moving to remove Google-served ads from sites promoting fake news, which means fake news platforms can no longer use Google’s platform to make money.

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