Google (GOOGL) Just Slashed Their Giant Electricity Bill

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Elecrticity bills are one of the most frightening pieces of mail to open during the summer months. Google isn’t sweating their bill though.

The company just finished paying for part of the internet giant’s acquisition of DeepMind and according to DeepMind Co-Founder Demis Hassabis, Google is using technology from the DeepMind artificial intelligence subsidiary for big savings on the power consumed by its data centers.

Not too long ago, the Alphabet Inc. unit put a DeepMind AI system in control of parts of its data centers to reduce power consumption by manipulating computer servers and related equipment like cooling systems.

Hassabis commented, “it uses a similar technique to DeepMind software that taught itself to play Atari video games.”
The system cut power usage in the data centers by several percentage points. Hassabis sad it “is a huge saving in terms of cost but, also, great for the environment.”

In a statement, Google revealed that the savings translate into a 15 percent improvement in power usage efficiency, or PUE, which measures how much electricity Google uses for its computers, versus the supporting infrastructure like cooling systems.

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