GM Vice President of Product Development Embarrassed for Wrecking Pace Car

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It was over the weekend that GM vice president of product development Mark Reuss drove a 755-horsepower, $120,000 Corvette ZR-1, and slammed it into a wall prior to Race 2 of the Chevrolet Dual in Detroit Grand Prix.

The wreck caused a 30-minute delay and left the executive pretty embarrassed. Reuss stated, “I want to thank you all for your well wishes today. I am ok. I have driven this course many many many times. I have paced this race in the wet, cold, hot, and calm. On Z06’s, Grand Sports, and other things.”

He continued, “It is never a casual thing for me, but an honor to be asked. Today I let down my friends, my family, IndyCar, our city and my company. Sorry does not describe it. I want to thank our engineers for providing me the safety I know is the best in the world.”

Chevrolet stated, “We are thankful that there were no serious injuries. Both the pace car driver and the series official were taken to the infield care center, where they were checked, cleared, and released. It is unfortunate that this incident happened. Many factors contributed including weather and track conditions. The car’s safety systems performed as expected.”

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