Ford (F) Has A New Kind Of Robot On The Assembly Line

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Many people are scared robots will take their jobs, but in Ford’s factory in Cologne, Germany, they are working side by side with humans.

Ford has cobots, collaborative robots, working at its Ford Fiesta plant right along side with 4,000 Ford factory workers.

Bruce Hettle, vice president of manufacturing and labor affairs at Ford, stated, “The workforce is really helping us define how they can contribute more by using the collaborative robots to do some of the more mundane, simple, heavy-exertion tasks, which in turn allows them to use more of their creativity and their minds to take us to the next level.”

Kuka-built robots were installed at two workstations in Ford’s factory, and the co-bots are helping factory-floor workers to fit shock absorbers into the wheel arches of Ford Fiesta cars.

Robots in the automotive industry aren’t a new thing whatsoever. In fact, according to the Robotic Industries Association, North American automotive companies have already spent $282 million on robots this year. They spent $436 million last year.

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