Delta Airlines Passenger Allegedly Assaults Flight Attendant

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According to an airport spokesperson, Delta Airlines flight 129 had to turn around not long after it took off from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Thursday night because of a passenger allegedly assault one of the airline’s flight attendants.

The spokesperson said that the altercation took place around 45 minutes after the Beoing 767 took off and it happened in the first class cabin. The flight, which had 207 passengers, was on its way to Beijing.

Both the spokesperson and the FBI have said the incident did not apear to be a national security threat. According to Delta, there is also no information that suggests anyone had tried to breach the cockpit.

A passenger and the flight attendant were hospitalized for non-threatening life injuries after several passengers tried to subdue the 23-year old suspect from Florida. He was arrested by Port of Seattle Police and then transferred to a federal detention center according to the FBI.

Delta issued the following statement, “Flight 129 returned to Seattle following a security incident with a passenger. The passenger was restrained on board and was removed from the flight by law enforcement without further incident when the aircraft arrived back in Seattle.”

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