AT&T Offers $85.4 Billion For Time Warner

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The nation’s second-largest wireless carrier AT&T is buying Time Warner for a staggering $85.4 billion.

Acquiring Time Warner, who owns Warner Brothers, HBO, CNN and TBS, would make At&T a giant in both telecom and entertainment. This means anything you watch on Time Warner will make AT&T money. So in other words, if you pay $15 a month to watch “Game of Thrones,” or “Westworld,” it could soon be going to AT&T.

If you watch anything owned by Warner Brothers, like The Harry Potter films or The Lord of The Ring films, all that money would also go to AT&T.

The deal is already getting opposition with U.S. lawmakers calling for an antitrust hearing on the issue.

Disclaimer: We have no position in AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T), nor Time Warner Inc. (NYSE: TWX) and have not been compensated for this article.