Apple’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) iPhone Rumored To Move To 3-Year Cycle

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We finally may be able to actually enjoy our phones for awhile before temptations for an upgrade rear their head.

Apple has been refreshing its iPhone every two years, with a less momentous model coming in the off year. Basically every year we’ve been seeing a new version of the iPhone that is better than the one we already have.

The iPhone 5 was followed by the iPhone 5S, then the iPhone 6, which was followed by the iPhone 6S.

According to Japan’s Nikkei newspaper, a good source, Apple may be prolonging the shift, just as the smartphone market itself is shifting. In the first quarter of the year, Apple had its very first drop in smartphone sales.

Apple would ramp up to a three-year upgrade cycle for major refreshes for a couple of reasons, says the Nikkei.

The report claims that Apple is changing the refresh cycle as it struggles to innovate and provide new features and substantial improvements to its iPhone.

For those planning to purchase the next iPhone, don’t expect any design changes, the report adds.

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