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Goldman Sachs raises its gold price target to $2,500 an ounce by the end of 2022 (20) and…

This Junior Miner Already Has Over 1.1 MILLION OUNCES of Gold Resources and is Looking to Deliver Over 3 Million Ounces by Q1-2023

NevGold (TSXV: NAU) (OTCQB: NAUFF) has a path to produce a + 3 million ounce gold resource base in the Western USA with the potential to more than 10x its current valuation. (3)

5 Reasons NevGold (TSXV: NAU) (OTCQB: NAUFF) Could Shine Incredibly Bright in 2022


US inflation is raging and reached 8.5% in March 2022. (5) As a result, experts at Wells Fargo and Goldman Sachs are predicting a commodity super cycle. (1)(2)


Gold could be a big winner in a possible super cycle scenario. Jeff Currie predicts a price of $2,500 per ounce.(2)


Gold mining stocks have outperformed physical gold bullion by double digits in the past two gold bull markets.(7) NevGold is up year to date while junior miner ETFs are negative. (10)(11)


If NevGold is able to deliver on their projected 3 million-ounce marker that could drive a potential increase of market cap by more than 10x. (3)


NevGold insiders appear to be “all in,” have been continually buying, and have not yet sold a single share in the last 12 months.(15)

Whoever has the gold makes the rules.

Remember that well. Gold has been a store of wealth for thousands of years and it is no different now. Governments and central banks cannot be trusted, and wealth must be protected. Inflation is raging. In the US it accelerated to 8.5% in March of 2022, the highest since December 1981. (4) In reaction, the US Federal Reserve Bank issued the biggest rate hike in 22 years. (5)

At the same time the dollar has risen around 7% against a basket of currencies in the past year to its highest level since March 2020. (6) For now, investors are flocking to the dollar because the Federal Reserve appears to be tightening more aggressively than any of its major peers. (6) But now is the time to be looking at gold, and specifically gold companies. The train is about to leave the station, and these opportunities should not be missed.

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Experts say the perfect storm is upon us

Gary Schlossberg, global strategist at Wells Fargo Investment Institute, however, favors commodities for the longer view. He believes we are at the beginning of a supercycle reflecting underinvestment over the past couple of years.(1)

Goldman Sachs Jeff Currie has a gold price target of $2,500(2)

The Global Head of Commodities Research, Jeff Currie sees the perfect storm for gold. He believes there are three channels that will drive gold higher:

Strong investor demand for gold over concerns about inflation and recessions.(2)

Central bank buying. Since Russia cannot do much else with their USD and Euro reserves other than buy

The physical demand for gold from China and India is also at all-time highs. (2)

Currie stated, “This is the strongest demand from all three channels that we’ve ever seen. The last time we saw this type of demand strength was from 2010 – 2011 where gold rallied 70%.” (2)

Did You Know Gold Mining Stocks Often Outperform Stacking Gold?

During the 2000-2011 gold bull market, the price of physical gold rose 550%. While you might think that number is hard to beat, over the same period of time gold mining equities (represented by the NYSE Arca Gold Miners Index) returned more than 690%. (7)

In the current gold bull market which started in 2015, gold mining stocks are up more than 182%, more than doubling gold bullion’s 78% returns.(7)

When the price of gold rises, miners immediately start to see greater profits from selling their ounces on the market. Historically, this has helped to generate exceptional returns.

And that brings us to the incredibly alluring story of NevGold.

This Could Be the Most Explosive “Stealth Gold Play” of 2022 NevGold (TSXV: NAU) (OTCQB: NAUFF)

NevGold has two very advanced gold projects in Nevada (Limousine Butte) and Idaho (Nutmeg Mountain, acquired in July-2022). The company finished a 10,000-meter drill program at Limousine Butte in June-2022 with more assays pending, and is setting the stage for drill programs at both Limousine Butte and Nutmeg Mountain in Q3-Q4 2022. (3)

The company has completed financings totaling $8.3 million Canadian since June of 2021 so they are well financed to aggressively drill their projects to find gold in the mining-friendly States of Nevada (3) and Idaho. There are no better places in the world to find gold deposits. (3)

Low cost. High returns.

What makes this extremely exciting is the fact that both projects are oxide, open-pit gold projects. So? Well, that means mining and processing is very low cost and highly economical using the heap leaching processing method. Heap leaching is the lowest cost form of gold production and makes money in any gold price environment. These types of projects are sought after by the mid and large-cap gold producers and tend to be acquisition targets. This is no different for NevGold.

Keep drilling and find even more…

It doesn’t stop there. The initial drill results from Limousine Butte in Nevada have focused on two areas within the large 16,556 acres (67 square kilometers) project. NevGold has identified a number of other targets that they will drill, and that provides the upside potential of a multi-million ounce gold resource. Time will tell, but drilling is off to a great start! (18)

And with the recent acquisition (July-2022) of the 1.1 Million Ounce gold resource project called Nutmeg Mountain in Idaho, the company now has a large gold resource base. Nutmeg Mountain drilling will start in Q3-2022 and there is a lot of potential to grow that resource to + 2 Million ounces of gold resources.

NevGold just might be real alchemists…

At Limousine Butte in Nevada, the company spent approximately $2.5 million Canadian on the initial 10,000 meter drill program and it looks like they will be able to take a historical resource of 292,000 ounces to turn it into a 1.5 Million ounce gold resource. (10) Let’s think about this. That’s approximately $2.5 Canadian spent, limited dilution, and very low cost to arrive at a greater than million-ounce resource. Now that’s real bang for the buck.

The company is just as excited about their recent acquisition at Nutmeg Mountain in Idaho. This project ALREADY has 1.1 Million ounce gold resource with the goal of spending approximately $3 million Canadian and delivering on 2X or 3X growth in the source resource. They see the same roadmap at Nutmeg Mountain as they did at Limousine Butte, meaning low cost delivery of MASSIVE gold resource growth.

NevGold is protected on the downside by low costs with all the tremendous upside potential as gold prepares to enter the predicted commodity super cycle.

How NevGold can increase their market cap by more than 10x

Let’s take a look at the numbers.

As of August 11, 2022, NevGold is trading at approximately, a $21.9 million dollar market cap. (11)

You can see in the chart below that their peers trade for about $84 per ounce in the ground. If NevGold is able to deliver on that 3 million-ounce marker, at the low end that could possibly add $200 million to the current $21.9 million, which could mean a potential increase of market cap  of more than 10x.(3)

From a mining standpoint this is one of the simpler stories you can find.

There is no fancy technology that can find gold from outer space. Nothing is dependent on the stars moon and sun being in alignment.

Source 3

NevGold (TSXV: NAU) (OTCQB: NAUFF) bucking the market downtrend

Lately, gold miners have been taking a beating. As of May 11, 2022, even the popular VanEck Junior Miner ETF was down -9.53% year to date. (12)

In the meantime, NevGold is bucking that negative trend and is up during a general market downturn for the junior miners.

As of May 11, 2022, (OTCQB: NAUFF) is up 38.35% year to date.(10) And with everything covered and being up while the general market is down…if that doesn’t make NevGold a company to keep your eye on…what will?

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With the success NevGold is having with Limo Butte, and the recent addition of Nutmeg Mountain, they will soon look to increase their drill program to drive to that multi-million ounce resource base in the Western USA. That could create even more potential upside in the valuation from current levels. Again, time will tell.

The company has about 7.5 million in warrants at .60 that are close to or in the money. Which is another avenue of potential financing. (8)

According to CEO Brandon Bonifacio, “We’ve done this before, and we will do it again. We’ve developed mining projects in the Western USA, specifically Nevada and Idaho, we know the road map, we know the key suppliers and contractors. And that gives us the right platform to successfully develop projects in an efficient, low-cost manner to the benefit of our shareholders.

We have achieved low-cost structures with our contractors, and we are seeing exceptional assay lab turnaround times of 3 to 4 weeks, (19) whereas many companies are seeing 2 to 3 months at the assay lab. This is very important as it drives steady news flow,” he concluded.

Blended Experience at the Board Level with the Right Skill Set and Energy at the Executive Level NevGold (TSXV: NAU) (OTCQB: NAUFF)

CEO Brandon Bonifacio is young and that’s something NevGold is using to their advantage. Brandon comes from Goldcorp, Inc. From 2015 to 2020 Brandon collaborated to help the company conduct $5 billion in asset acquisitions and divestitures. (13)

Brandon worked closely with and learned from the best of the best in the mining industry, and he is applying those principles to the junior mining space. That is something very unique, as he knows the inner workings of the larger companies, and what they are looking for.

Check out this interesting interview with Brandon on Resource Stock Digest:

Source 14

The executives have real skin in the game

And best of all, they are buying more and not selling.

Source 15

NevGold is an owner operated model, where the executives are also owners of the business. And not one of them has ever sold a share. How’s that for confidence?!

But wait. There are two more properties.
Follow the gold….

The Ptarmigan project has a well-documented history and includes information acquired over a 100-year period. Mineralization is interpreted to be structurally controlled in various folds and faults.

Historical smelter records from 1959 documents multiple shipments totaling 32.2 tons, averaging 2,638 g/t Ag (77 oz/t) and 1.7 g/t Au. (17) High-grade ore was also reportedly produced from the Ptarmigan Mine, yielding approximately 89,000 oz of Ag, with average grades of 4,215 g/t Ag, 5.4 g/t Au, 0.58% Cu, 0.54% Pb, and 0.13% Zn.

This is a bonanza grade silver-gold-copper-lead-zinc project with significant exploration upside. The company will also be drilling the project this year.

The property is located 50 kilometers west of Radium, BC, and 300 km west of Calgary, AB and is accessed via logging roads.

And more oxide gold in Nevada…

Then there’s Cedar Wash, a project with truly “open in all directions” potential. The path to discovery began in 2015 when McEwen Mining began reconnaissance stage exploration in the area. Drilling by McEwen in 2017 proved the presence of a strong gold mineralizing system that closely resembles Liberty Gold’s nearby Goldstrike Project in Utah. (16)

Nevgold acquired its 100% interest from McEwen Mining in June 2021 and will build on the early work completed to aggressively explore this exciting gold discovery in Nevada. (16)

NevGold needs to be on your radar

Commodity prices across the board had been on an absolute tear – racking up double to triple-digit gains on a week-to-week basis as the sector-wide Supercycle broke new records.

While things have slowed down recently, this could be the calm before the storm.
NevGold appears to be in a prime position to take advantage of the next leg up in the commodity cycle, so it might be a great idea to keep this company on your radar!

5 Reasons NevGold (TSXV: NAU) (OTCQB: NAUFF) Could Shine Incredibly Bright in 2022


US inflation is raging and reached 8.5% in March 2022. (5) As a result, experts at Wells Fargo and Goldman Sachs are predicting a commodity super cycle. (1)(2)


Gold could be a big winner in a possible super cycle scenario. Jeff Currie predicts a price of $2,500 per ounce.(2)


Gold mining stocks have outperformed physical gold bullion by double digits in the past two gold bull markets.(7) NevGold is up year to date while junior miner ETFs are negative. (10)(11)


If NevGold is able to deliver on their projected 3 million-ounce marker that could drive a potential increase of market cap by more than 10x. (3)


NevGold insiders appear to be “all in,” have been continually buying, and have not yet sold a single share in the last 12 months.(15)


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