Your Data Could Be At Risk In Wendy’s (WEN) Attacks

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Wendy’s announced on Thursday that the fast food chain’s customers’ personal information had been compromised in a ceries of cyber attacks against the company.

The attacks began last year in November, and according to Wendy’s spokesman Bob Bertini, had malware that was “highly sophisticated in nature.” It was only this May that the attacks had been discovered.

The company has been investigating “unusual payment card activity” since early this year, and said that cardholder names, credit or debit card numbers and expiration dates are among data targeted in an attack on a point-of-sale system at some franchise-operated restaurants.

Bob Bertini added, “It was extremely difficult to detect. Once it was discovered, it was almost immediately disabled.”
Wendy’s is investigating unusual payment activity and has been working with the payment card industry, as well as federal law enforcement and forensics experts.

They will also enhance security across all of the company’s systems.

“We have conducted a rigorous investigation to understand what has occurred and apply those learnings to further strengthen our data security measures,” CEO Todd Penegor said in a statement.

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