You Need To Know These New California Driving Laws That Just Passed

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As of Sunday, January 1st, California has made it illegal for drivers to hold their cell phones behind the wheel.

You must now have your cell phone mounted and it can only be used for functions that require a single tap or swipe, like answering a call.

Officer Jesus Chavez of the CHP (California Highway Patrol) commented, “If you’re not paying attention and something happens in front of you, by the time your mind thinks about it and you react to it, it is definitely too late.”

Another new law that many of you may not be too happy about is that it’ll cost $10 more this year for your registration sticker for your license plate. Instead of $43 a year, it is now going to be $53 a year starting April 1st.

Also anyone who has fake or non working airbags installed faces a $5000 penalty or a year in county jail.