Woman Is Stabbed To Death On Street While Witnesses Look On

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In what must have been the most horrific 45 seconds of a woman’s life, witnesses did nothing to end her agony.

Karuna Kumar, who is reported to have been 21 or 22 years old, was fatally stabbed on the streets of Burari, in North Delhi India.

In footage, she was seen being dragged by 34-year old Aditya Mailk along the sidewalk and then thrown down onto the pavement.

After pulling out a single blade from a pair of scissors, Malik began stabbing the defenseless woman over and over brutally. He even kicked her in the head at one point.

The most shocking part about this story is that several people just walked by, and ignored the scene. Some even glanced by but continued walking.

Finally a man in a backpack and another man reacted to the situation and waved their hands helplessly. Another person on a motorbike stopped and spoke to Malik as he was stabbing. At this point Kumar’s body was still.

According to the Indian Express, her body was stabbed 22 times. She was declared dead on arrival by the time she got to the hospital.
Malik fled the scene but was captured by several bystanders who held him down until authorities arrived.

According to the police, Malik had stalked Karuna for a year before the attack, and she was well aware of it.

“The accused had been troubling the victim for at least one year,” Deputy Police Commissioner Madhur Verma told the Indian Express.

“He committed the brazen attack when the victim was heading towards the Novel Reaches School, where she had been working as a teacher for the last four months.”

Karuna was the third woman attacked by a stalker in 48 hours in Delhi.