Winners Partner “Horse Races Now” App updated in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store allowing its Users to “Bet Now” with VegasWinners Sportsbook Affiliate Partners

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LAS VEGAS, NV, May 31, 2023 – McapMediaWire – Winners, Inc. (OTC: WNRS), through its operating subsidiaries provide sports betting enthusiasts with high quality content, analysis, research, data, and guidance for popular betting sports. Winners announced today that pursuant to its subsidiary VegasWinners Revenue Share agreement previously announced on April 12th 2023 with Horse Races Now, a leading entity in the horse racing industry, and Next Play Digital, a leading digital marketing agency with expertise in marketing, content, and optimization for the competitive sports betting and gaming sectors, is now live with multiple revenue streams. 

There are several layers to the Revenue Share Agreement between the parties. First, VegasWinners has affiliate marketing partnerships with many of the largest legal licensed sports books in America and is licensed in many of the States which have legalized online sports betting. Secondly, Horse Races Now has a database of over 380,000 users in jurisdictions where sports wagering is legal and regulated through licensed sports books. Horse Races Now’s 380,000 users can now place wagers with VegasWinners’s sportsbook partners. 

At the same time, Horse Races Now users can now wager on horse races from either the App Store for iPhone Users or the Play Store for Android Users. 

Starting this September with the 2023 football season, VegasWinners will be able to offer their football handicapping paid advice and information to the 380,000-player database of Horse Races Now. And if those bettors sign up with VegasWinners sportsbook affiliate partners, VegasWinners will be paid again by the sportsbooks and share that revenue stream with Horse Races Now.

The agreement with Horse Races Now and Next Play Digital allows VegasWinners to expand into the multi-billion-dollar handicapping industry as an affiliate sports book and receive referral fees to licensed sports books. The global horse racing market size was valued at US$300 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow significantly over the next decade. Analysts have been monitoring the horse and sports betting market and it is poised to grow by US$139.52 billion during 2020-2024 progressing at a CAGR of 9% during the forecast period. 

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Horse Races Now users can now wager on horse races from either the App Store for iPhone Users or the Play Store for Android Users  

Kenny McPeek, CEO of Horse Races Now, stated, “Horse Races Now is excited about this latest update and agreement with Winners and Next Play Digital. The latest version of Horse Races Now gives horse racing fans in states where ADW wagering is legal a way to bet on and watch horse racing.”

Wayne Allyn Root, CEO of Winners Inc., stated, “To use horseracing terminology, this deal is like “The Triple Crown” for both VegasWinners and Horse Races Now. They gain access to our sportsbook affiliate partners. We gain access to their 380,000-person horse racing bettor database. We both receive affiliate fees from every sport and horse player that opens accounts with our sportsbook partners. Everyone wins with multiple revenue streams.”


Horse Races Now, a free horse racing app for both serious and casual horse racing fans, provides a full complement of global racing feeds, race replays, current news and handicapping tools that allows the user to follow their favorites and gives users the option for push notification reminders. Horse Races Now will engage their more than 380,000 users in digital marketing of legal and regulated sportsbook services to persons that are in jurisdictions where sports wagering is legal and regulated by Winners, Inc. who shall act as, collect affiliate fees for and establish new sportsbook accounts. Horse Races Now is available in the App Store as well as the Google Play Store.


Winners, Inc. (OTC: WNRS) through its subsidiaries is engaged in the business of sports gambling research, data, advice, analysis and predictions utilizing all available media, advertising formats and its database of users. Revenues are expected to accelerate due to the proliferation of legalized sports handicapping since the 2018 Supreme Court decision granting States have the right to approve sports. Its Subsidiaries: VegasWinners is a registered sports gambling affiliate that intends to drive traffic to gaming operators for commission and is currently registered in West Virginia, Indiana, Colorado, New Jersey, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and able to operate in New York, Nevada, Mississippi, Wyoming, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana and has made application in several other states; The LongShot Report is a rapidly growing internet/online subscription-based company that gives advice on sports picks for fantasy and sports betting including football, basketball, baseball, hockey and golf. For more information, please visit the websites Vegas Winners and The LongShot Report and on social media at Twitter.


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