Why Does Europe Want To Ban U.S. Lobsters?

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Many think lobster is delicious, so the fact that Europe wants to ban them from being imported into the continent is kind of surprising.

Apparently a scientific panel concluded in Sweden has requested that American lobsters be declared as an invasive species. How these American lobsters made it to Sweden remains unclear.

Sweden had found 32 American lobsters in the country’s waters earlier this year and believe that they pose a threat to native crustaceans.

With criticism from North American officials, the European Union will conduct a more extensive review of a proposal to ban lobsters imported from the U.S. and Canada.

Could this be the end of business of U.S. and Canadian lobstermen? They export $200 million worth of lobster to EU countries each year.

A spokesman for the European Union has said the scientific panel’s conclusion is considered preliminary and the full review won’t be completed until spring at the earliest.

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