Utah Parents Stop Their Teenage Son From Possible School Mass Shooting

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A mom and dad in Utah must be feeling very relieved, after they were able to disarm their teenage son at his Mueller Park Junior High school.

The parents had noticed their 15-year old son was acting strangely in the morning before school, and then realized the family shotgun and handgun were missing from the safe. They arrived at their son’s junior high classroom just in the knick of time, and were able to disarm him.

The boy, who’s name is not being released as he is a juvenile, shot into the ceiling of his class, and then aimed the gun at his own neck, according to Police Chief Tom Ross, of Bountiful, Utah.

Ross said, “The boy didn’t say a word as a teacher and one of 26 students tried to talk him out of firing again, giving his parents a few extra second to arrive at the classroom and take him into the hallway, Ross said.

The boy has been booked on suspicion of two charges of theft of a firearm and two counts of taking a weapon into a school.

Police are investigating his motive.