Uber Just Announced a Big Change

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It looks like criticism by riders and privacy groups has finally made Uber make a big change.

The ride sharing company announced that it will be changing an app setting that allow it to track you after a trip ends.
Company security chief John Sullivan told Reuters about the new change that will be taking place.

It was last December that the company stopped letting users to limit tracking to only “while using” the Uber app. It offered only “always” or “never” as an option in its location tracking options after. Choosing “always” meant that Uber could track you for up to five minutes after your ride ended, and this was even if you were not using the app.

It was the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) that said last December that “there are many legitimate reasons that a rider would want privacy in their final destination, perhaps stopping the ride a block or three away from their true destination.”

According to Sullivan, Uber may yet decide to implement the tracking in the future, but would explain it better to customers and allow them to opt in to the setting if it did.

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