UAT Group Subsidiary Ossifix Orthopedics Completes Initial Surgeries Using New Allograft Bone Pin System

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Tampa, FL, December 6, 2022 — McapMediaWire — Umbra Applied Technologies Group, Inc. (OTC Pink: UATG) – Successful surgeries have been conducted using Ossifix Orthopedics allograft bone pin system. The use of Ossifix Orthopedics Javelin cortical bone pin signals a paradigm shift within orthopedic surgical practices. The cortical bone pin has been used to stabilize surgical osteotomies, commonly referred to as a bunionectomy, without the fear of the pin spinning within cavity (pirouetting).

Ossifix manufactures its Javelin Hex Allograft Pin from 100% select allograft bone. It is applicable for small bone, extremities, and sports medicine markets that also has applications in the craniofacial, spine and oral surgery procedures. Resorbable implant technology is readily accepted and used in today’s market, both domestically and globally.

Surgeon, Dr. Robert Graser, reported “The implant performed exactly as expected. It saved the O.R. team time and I am expecting a great outcome for the patients. It’s a benefit, that these patients will never have to worry about the complications that can develop with typical metallic or polymer implants.”

Surgeries using prior technology for a surgical bunionectomy involved the resection of the metatarsal. The bone is realigned utilizing metal plates, screws, wire and other hardware to stabilize the resection. With current techniques, fixation hardware requires recovery that can be long, painful and, often lasts up to a year with any metallic hardware remaining in place for life.  Recovery can require long-term immobilization and pain management for some patients.  Patients are often told not to bear-weight on the foot for six or more weeks.  Patients are typically required to wear a fracture cast/boot for one to three months post-surgery. Extensive physical therapy is required to recondition the foot, ankle and calf due to months of non-use.  Custom shoe inserts might also be required permanently.

With Ossifix Orthopedics allograft implants, the design of the Javelin bone pin reduces surgical time by as much as 50% making it faster and more efficient than even some minimally invasive bunionectomy techniques. Typically, surgeries using The Javelin pin take 20-22 minutes and are conducted on an outpatient basis with patients being able to ambulate relatively pain free the next day. Generally speaking, callus formation should begin and show up on x-rays within 3-4 weeks with complete reabsorption within 6-8 weeks. There is no metal implant or screw to worry about as the Javelin pin is manufactured completely from human allograft cortical bone and is completely absorbed; becoming a part of body. There is little to no risk of a bio-immune response or implant rejection as the implant is made of 100% human tissue.

Case studies are being conducted on current patients to further enhance surgical procedures and monitor recovery time. Initial surgeons will be releasing case studies to be peered reviewed and will begin speaking engagements at medical conferences in the coming months.

The Ossifix Orthopedics line of products will compete in one of the fastest growing, emerging markets, specifically, the resorbable implant market, in three distinct surgical segments; orthopedic, sports medicine and dental.  Ossifix products are designed to be used in hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, and specialty clinics. Distribution is scheduled throughout North America, and globally in Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, as well as the Middle East and Africa. This global market is currently experiencing an estimated growth of 14% per year and is expected to reach $4.696 billion in sales this year.

Ossifix Orthopedics products have been launched in Texas with the company stating that Florida will be “coming on line” in the first quarter of 2023. The Company intends to make products available nation-wide next year with intentions of launching globally in the future.

UAT Group Chairman, Alex Umbra stated,” After years of design, testing and development we are incredibly excited about this incredible new product.  This is a significant milestone for Ossifix. The market potential for this product and related products is near limitless. The patient benefits are obvious while at the same time increasing the economic benefits to medical professionals utilizing Ossifix implants. This should make Ossifix the preferred and safest product chosen by physicians”

Manufactured in San Antonio, TX, Ossifix Orthopedics products are manufactured from select, high-density, allograft cortical bone. Ossifixs’ unique manufacturing process and thoughtful designs yield an engineered cortical bone implant that provides secure fixation and virtually eliminates any allergic or autoimmune reactions associated with metal or polymer implants. Based on decades of experience, all Ossifix Orthopedics Pin, Screw and Plate Systems are single-use surgical kits with all necessary instruments for implantation for use in the operating room.  Ossifix instrumentation is constructed of an eco-friendly, bio-degradable polymers.

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