Here Are The Two Things Warren Buffett Keeps In His Wallet

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Warren Buffett is not only a billionaire, but a legendary investor that many people pay attention to. He is the fourth richest person on our planet and has a fortune of over $70 billion.

So when one thinks about what a legendary investor may have his wallet, it’s easy to surmise it would be credit cards and money, but Buffet has more than that. He has sentimental items in his wallet that many other people carry.

The Berkshire Hathaway leader told GOBankingRates what he keeps in his wallet and it’s two items that he never ever removes. The first item are his photos, of his children and grandchildren as children. The next item is a $50 bill from a bank that Berkshire Hathaway once owned. It was even signed by the owner.

Buffett remarked, “They issued their own currency, so I carry that around for good luck.”

Buffet has been very sentimental when it comes to what he carries, as he has also carried a card that allows him to eat any McDonald’s in Omaha, Neb. as well as an American Express card from the year 1964.

In the past, Buffett has also kept his wallet full of $100 bills, a card that allows him to eat for free at any McDonald’s in Omaha, Neb. and an American Express card from 1964.