TSA Just Approved Something That Could Make Security Check Ins Go Faster

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The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) just approved machines that could make our check in times through security at the airport go a lot faster.

The TSA has approved 3-D bag screeners that are designed to speed up airport security lines.

After weeks of testing, the administration has certified 3-D carry-on bag screeners built by Massachusetts-based Analogic called CT Connect bag screeners.

The screeners still need to be tested by the federal government at the TSA Systems Integration Facility. Then they will need to field test the machines at airports to see how they perform.

If the machines pass these tests, they would be then approved to be deployed at airports around the U.S.

President and CEO of Analogic, Fred Parks, commented, “The system is designed to offer the lowest cost of ownership and keeps the traveling public moving through airports faster and safer than ever before.”

American Airlines has already said they would spend $6 million on buying and deploying the machines. Each machine has a price tag of $250,000.

Analogic does not know when the first 3-D screener will be deployed.