Trump Just Gave 1,400 Carrier Workers Something To Be Very Happy About

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U.S. Carrier Corp., one of two United Technologies plants, had announced back in February its plan to move to Mexico.

When Company president Chris Nelson delivered the news to employees, they were anything but pleased.

“I want to be clear — this is strictly a business decision,” Nelson said as they crowd booed him.

“This was an extremely difficult decision. It was made most difficult because I understand that it will have an impact on all of you, your families, and the community.”

Carrier announced this week that it will be keeping more than 1,000 jobs in Indiana.

The company said the announcement was “possible because the incoming Trump-Pence administration has emphasized to us its commitment to support the business community and create an improved, more competitive U.S. business climate. The incentives offered by the state were an important consideration.”