This Startup Will Use $11.5 Million To Make Their Employees Happy

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Don’t we all wish for bosses that want their employees to be happy? One startup company, AnyPerk, wants their employees as happy as Google’s.

AnyPerk CEO Taro Fukuyama stated, AnyPerk is now going to go a step further and offer consulting services to help every company be as happy, ideally, as Google — recently named the best place in America to work.

AnyPerk, a startup that helps companies like Salesforce and Virgin America offer their employees discounts such as movie tickets.

The company has received $11.5 million of new investment capital and it is going to help the company finance a new, bolder mission beyond just serving as a broker of perks, said Fukuyama.

AnyPerk has raised just over $25 million in total with this new deal.