Costco (NASDAQ: COST) Could Blow This Organic Fast Food Chain Up

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Many may not be familiar with The Organic Coup right now, but this could be changing soon.

The Organic Coup is the first USDA-certified organic fast-food chain in the United States. While little known now, it being run by two former Costco executives could put it into the spotlight fast.

So far only those in San Francisco and Pleasanton, California are able to enjoy the chain’s organic fried-chicken sandwiches and chocolate-drizzled caramel popcorn.

The executives are about to launch a rapid expansion thanks to an investment from one of Costco’s founders. The chain just raised $7 million in an initial round of financing led by Costco founder and former CEO Jim Sinegal. Costco’s chief financial officer, Richard Galanti, also participated in the round of funding.

The investment will be used to open at least two dozen more restaurants over the next year, according to the company’s cofounder Erica Welton who told Business Insider.