This Dallas Cowboys Player Did This For The Salvation Army

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Ezekiel Elliott is the Dallas Cowboy’s running back and he’s just made a big impact for the Salvation Army.

Elliott jumped into an oversized Salvation Army kettle when he achieved his 13th rushing touchdown of his rookie season during a game with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

According to the Salvation Army, a nonprofit organization, there has been a 61% increase in donations since the game on Sunday.

“We’ve seen an $80,000 increase in digital donations since the touchdown versus this time last week,” the Salvation Army’s Lt. Col. Ron Busroe told CNBC. That brings the total raised in 24 hours to $180,971.

How do they know the donations are related to Elliott’s stunt? Many of the donations are coming in the form of $21 which is Elliott’s jersey number.

It was previously expected that Elliott would be fined $12,154 for his “excessive celebration,” but the NFL decided not to fine him.