This Customer Service Call Lasted Over 10 Hours

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Most of us when calling customer service want to be off the phone as fast as possible. Given the wait times, it’s rare to be able to hang up as fast as we would like it.

Zappos employee Steven Weinstein now holds the record for longest Zappos customer-service call at 10 hours and 43 minutes. This long call just broke an internal record at the Amazon-owned online retailer.

So who stayed on the phone that long with Weinstein? A female he felt very connected to.

It all happened on June 11th at Zappo’s Las Vegas headquarters. He answered a call from a customer who needed some help with an order of a few items. Even after being helped, they decided to remain on the phone.

“It was excellent — the connection was amazing, and even though I never spoke to this customer before in my life I felt like I knew her for 15 or 20 years,” Weinstein told Business Insider in an email. “It was just natural and time was flowing — it felt like it was effortless.”

During the call, Weinstein only took one break to go to the bathroom. A fellow employee had brought him food and water as he chatted it up.

“The connection was so strong that we could have talked for 18 hours if we really wanted,” he said.

So what now? Are they engaged? Could a customer service call be the next way to find our soulmate?

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