This Airline Took Boeing’s 737 Max Off of Schedule Until Next April

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American Airlines has pulled Boeing’s 737 Max plane from its schedules until April 7th of next year.

This date will make it over a year that the plane has been grounded since two fatal air crashes.

American now has the plane out of its schedule later than any other airline and it certainly shows how uncertain the airline is over when regulators will allow the planes to hit the skies again.

Airlines have lost hundreds of millions of dollars since the planes have been grounded.

The FAA doesn’t expect to lift the grounding until next year.

A recent BofA survey found that most travelers would wait before flying the plane but many weren’t aware of the grounding.

According to the Bank of America Merrill Lynch survey which polled 2,135 people, “a fifth of respondents said they would fly the Max immediately after it is reintroduced into airline fleets and nearly two-thirds of those surveyed said they would wait at least six months before flying or never fly it. Most respondents said they would switch to another aircraft if they had the opportunity.

Regarding half the respondents not even aware that the planes were grounded, Bank of America said, “This could be a positive if passengers ultimately don’t care about the aircraft. However, it also could be a negative if fliers have an unexpected negative reaction upon boarding a 737 MAX flight.”

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