There’s Something Very Ironic About CrossFit’s Founder

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60-year old Greg Glassman is the founder and 100% owner of CrossFit. He not only is a college dropout, but also a self proclaimed athiest. Kind of ironic when CrossFit has become a religion for so many.

Glassman has even been invited to speak both at the Harvard Business School and the Harvard Divinity School.

“There has to be something wrong with you to not find that interesting, amusing. It’s a lot to think about,” Glassman told CNBC at the Iconic conference in Boston, regarding the irony of the situation.

Glassman was a former gymnast and opened the first “box” or specialized CrossFit gym in 1995. Today there are over 13,500 active affiliate franchises in over 140 different countries.

“My message at the business school is that business isn’t about making money. Money is what makes the business go, it’s like what jet fuel is to an airline, but the purpose of an airline is not to burn jet fuel. It’s to move passengers from A to B safely and comfortably. The more successful you are, it’s reasonably certain that you will burn more jet fuel, but you don’t grow the business by burning jet fuel. That’s what money is to a business,” says Glassman.