High Upside Potential from The Next Great Energy Boom

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One Under-the-Radar Company – U.S.-Based Anfield Energy Inc. (TSX.V: AEC); (OTCQB: ANLDF) – Now Offers Investors a Rare “Double Play” Profit Scenario
Anfield Energy’s Massive Uranium Portfolio Is Drawing Investor Attention

The next great energy boom has arrived in North America.

According to Morningstar, global demand for uranium is projected to grow 40% by 2025:

“We believe long-term uranium prices will rise…to $65 a pound by 2021, as higher prices are required to spur new mine investment.”

Global Uranium Supply/Demand Forecast

A fast-moving spike in uranium prices has happened as recently as 2005 when U3O8 soared from $20-per-pound to more than $140-per-pound in just two years’ time – and we may now be on the verge of a similar fast-moving uranium bull market.

The explosion in demand for uranium that has been forecast has created a potential fast-moving profit scenario for one unique exploration company well-positioned to take advantage of this red-hot bull market.

With both uranium and vanadium resources in its portfolio – as well as one of only three licensed conventional uranium mills in the United States today – U.S.-based Anfield Energy Inc. (TSX.V: AEC); (OTCQB: ANLDF) appears to be the best way for investors to play the next great energy boom.

In just a moment, I’ll tell you more about Anfield Energy’s near-term potential – and its ability to quickly move into production of both uranium and vanadium.

But first let me tell you…

Why Uranium Prices Are Poised to Soar Through 2020

With growing demand for nuclear energy worldwide – and a looming supply squeeze – uranium prices appear to be positioned for a sustained rise over the next three years.

At this moment, there are 448 reactors currently operating worldwide – with 57 reactors under construction and another 509 reactors planned, proposed or ordered.

That growth represents a 124% increase in the number of nuclear reactors worldwide…and those reactors will need uranium in order to operate.

China is a huge driver of nuclear growth – with plans to build 99 reactors by 2030 and a moratorium in place preventing the development of new coal power plants.

Investors looking to take get in on the ground floor of this coming energy boom have a number of potential investments to consider – including major producers such as Cameco Corp. (TSX: CCO, NYSE: CCJ), Paladin Energy (TSX: PDN) or Rio Tinto (NYSE: RIO)…or exchange traded funds with exposure to uranium.

But the most intriguing – and possibly highest-upside – opportunity that investors should consider may be Anfield Energy Inc. (TSX.V: AEC); (OTCQB: ANLDF) – a forward-thinking energy metals exploration, development and near-term production company that is perfectly positioned for a potential surge in uranium prices.

Anfield Energy: The Best Way to Play the Coming Uranium Boom for Maximum Upside Potential

Anfield Energy Inc. (TSX.V: AEC); (OTCQB: ANLDF) has a unique business strategy. By focusing on acquisition of uranium – and vanadium – properties, the company “fast-tracks” its growth opportunities.

This “fast-tracking” allows for a more rapid return on investment for investors – and it allows the company to take advantage of carefully-selected opportunities with near-term production potential.

Anfield Energy Inc. offers:

• Potential supplies of both uranium and vanadium conveniently located in North America…

• The opportunity to bring those resources into production thanks to the company’s licensed conventional uranium mill…

• The potential of The Charlie Project – one of the lowest-cost, fastest-to-market uranium projects in the world…

• And a uranium processing agreement in place that allows for significantly lower upfront capex and fixed production costs.

The Charlie Project: Highly Advanced, Low-Cost Production Asset

Just recently, Anfield Energy Inc. announced the acquisition of The Charlie Uranium Project – one of the most advanced uranium properties in the United States – from Cotter Corporation.

Located in the Pumpkin Buttes Uranium District in Johnson County, Wyoming, the Charlie Project consists of a 720-acre Wyoming State uranium lease which has been in development since 1969.

Previous owners and operators of the Charlie Project have conducted extensive exploration drilling…and as a result of this work, a database of over 1,300 drill holes is available.

The company estimates a total of between 3.1 million pounds and 4.6 million pounds of historic uranium reserves on the property.

Anfield Energy Inc. has a resin processing agreement in place with nearby Uranium One to produce up to 500,000 pounds of uranium per year at its existing processing facility.

Anfield’s Charlie Project is projected to take just 24 months to reach production thanks to its proximity to two of Uranium One’s producing mines…that’s a drastic reduction from the typical process which can take anywhere from 48-60 months.

But the Charlie Project – while serving as Anfield Energy’s initial production source – is just the beginning.

In building a significant pipeline, Anfield Energy Inc. (TSX.V: AEC); (OTCQB: ANLDF) is continuing to update and delineate its uranium resources at the 24 Wyoming uranium projects it acquired from Uranium One back in 2016.

This pipeline – combined with Anfield’s resin processing agreement with Uranium One – will allow Anfield Energy to bring projects to production-ready status relatively quickly as uranium prices continue climbing in the months ahead.

Shootaring Canyon Mill Could Help Anfield Energy Inc. Become One of the Top Uranium Producers in the U.S.

Anfield Energy Inc. acquired the Shootaring Canyon Mill — one of three mills in the United States – from Uranium One in 2015.

Located approximately 48 miles south of Hanksville, Utah, the Shootaring Canyon Mill is one of only three licensed conventional uranium mills in the United States today.

With the potential to process as much as 750 tons of ore per day, this mill could – if put into operation – help Anfield Energy Inc. become one of the top five uranium producers in the United States.

The mill was built and commenced operations in 1982. After operating for approximately 6 months, the mill ceased operations due to depressed price of uranium.

During its period of operation, it produced and sold 27,825 pounds of U3O8…and surface stockpiles at the facility include an estimate of 370,000 pounds of U3O8 at an average grade of 0.147%.

Resource Double-Play: Anfield Energy’s Vanadium Assets Offer Additional Potential

The large majority of vanadium is used in steel production as an alloy.

But vanadium has enjoyed a resurgence in recent months thanks to its large-scale energy storage potential.

As energy companies look to improve energy storage, vanadium redox-flow batteries (VFBs) have started to become more popular. VFBs have the ability to store mass energy and help strengthen grid stability.

“Vanadium-Flow Batteries: The Energy Storage Breakthrough We’ve Needed”

— Forbes

Thanks to steady increases in steel demand – and increased demand for vanadium redox-flow batteries – global production of vanadium will need to continue climbing higher over the next several years.

In fact, market research firm Roskill predicts that by 2020 demand for vanadium – driven mostly by China – will increase by 45%!

Global Vanadium Production and Consumption

But 85% of the world’s current vanadium production comes from three countries: China, Russia and South Africa.

So as demand for vanadium continues to climb – and geopolitical uncertainty grows – having a U.S. supply source for this metal becomes critical.

Anfield Energy Inc. (TSX.V: AEC); (OTCQB: ANLDF) recently announced that it is placing increased emphasis on the vanadium potential of its Velvet-Wood Mine, located in Utah, and also disclosed its vanadium exploration target.

An exploration target report released in December 2017 – completed by engineering and consulting firm BRS Engineering, Inc. – revealed an exploration target of between 6.3 Mlbs and 9.7 Mlbs at a grade of between 0.40 and 0.61%.

This exploration target builds on the historical production of 5 million pounds of vanadium at this site.

The vanadium potential on this property – along with the company’s potential for vanadium production at its Shootaring Canyon Mill – gives investors in Anfield Energy Inc. a unique “double-play” resource opportunity at a time when the markets for both uranium and vanadium are poised to soar sharply higher.

M&A Activity is a Strength for Anfield Energy Inc. (TSX.V: AEC); (OTCQB: ANLDF)

Since 2015, Anfield has been conducting significant M&A activity with multibillion-dollar corporations, including…

  • Acquiring conventional uranium assets – including the Shootaring Canyon Mill, the Velvet-Wood mine, surface stockpiles and royalties – from Uranium One in 2015…
  • Acquiring over 30 million pounds of historic resource in Wyoming from Uranium One in 2016…
  • And acquiring a near-term production asset – the Charlie Project – in Wyoming from Cotter Corporation (owned by General Atomics) in 2018.

Yet in spite of the company’s significant M&A activity with well-known industry titans…Anfield Energy Inc. (TSX.V: AEC); (OTCQB: ANLDF) continues to fly under Wall Street’s radar.

Anfield is Moving Quickly to Take Advantage of the Coming Uranium Bull Market

Anfield Energy Inc. (TSX.V: AEC); (OTCQB: ANLDF) is moving quickly to develop and position assets for the potential uranium bull market ahead.

With a strong M&A portfolio – and a proven ability to fast-track projects, cutting months or even years off traditional lead time – Anfield Energy Inc. is well-positioned to take advantage of the coming surge in uranium prices.

7 Reasons Investors Should Consider Buying Shares of Anfield Energy Inc. (TSX.V: AEC); (OTCQB: ANLDF) Today

  • 1
    Anfield Energy Inc. offers a unique “double-play” resource scenario, as the company offers near-term vanadium and uranium production potential…two resources in high demand thanks to the massive changes that are taking place in the way we consume and store energy.
  • 2
    An investment in Anfield Energy Inc. allows you to get in on the ground floor of the coming uranium rush. With global demand for uranium projected to grow 40% by 2025 and the expiration of long-term utility contracts, conditions are in place for a surge in uranium prices beginning in 2018.
  • 3
    Anfield Energy Inc. has taken several aggressive steps to position itself well for the coming uranium rush. The company’s strategy of “fast-tracking” near-term production allows for a more rapid return on investment.
  • 4
    The company recently acquired The Charlie Project – an advanced, low-cost, near-term production opportunity from Cotter Corporation…and the company has a processing agreement in place with nearby Uranium One to allow for the processing of up to 500,000 pounds of U3O8 at Uranium One’s existing processing plant.
  • 5
    Anfield Energy Inc. also owns the Shootaring Canyon Mill – one of only three licensed, permitted and constructed uranium mills in existence in the United States. This mill – if put into production – could help the company become one of the top 5 uranium producers in the U.S.
  • 6
    The company’s M&A portfolio very strong, as Anfield Energy has made a number of important deals with large companies like Uranium One and Cotter Corporation while still managing to fly under Wall Street’s radar.
  • 7
    The company is led by a visionary management team, which brings with it decades of experience in the energy sector.

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