T-Mobile CEO John Legere May Not Become WeWork’s New CEO

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According to sources who spoke to CNBC, T-Mobile’s Chief Executive John Legere is not going to take the role of CEO at WeWork.

WeWork has been considering many people for the new role, including Legere who waits for T-Mobile’s merger with Sprint to close. The company is waiting for the acquisition to be approved by many state attorney generals who are suing to block the merger. The case goes to trial next month.

Struggling WeWork is being taken over by SoftBank and recently ousted its CEO Adam Neumann. The struggling office space company is on the hunt for a new chief executive to replace current co-CEOs Sebastian Gunningham and Artie Minson, who took over after the ousting of Neumann.

Legere has been CEO of T-Mobile since 2012, and according to the people familiar with the situation, he has no plans to leave the company.

CNBC as well as the Wall Street Journal had both reported that Legere was a candidate for CEO of WeWork however Legere may be facing a conflict of interest here if he chooses the role.

SoftBank is the controlling shareholder of Sprint, which is in the process of merging with T-Mobile, and is the majority owner of WeWork. With the trial expected next month on the T-Mobile and Sprint merger, it would look like a conflict of interest if Legere were to leave T-Mobile for WeWork.

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