SFLMaven Projecting Higher Sales with eBay Authenticity Program

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New NFT Patent Pending Could Authenticate NFTs in the Metaverse


FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, September 20, 2022 –– McapMediaWire — SFLMaven Corp. (OTC Pink: SFLM) (“SFLMaven” or the “Company”) (www.sflmaven.com), a leading provider of high-end luxury goods.

SFLMaven, one of eBay’s most prominent jewelry retailers with over $1,000,000 monthly revenue, is proud to be part of eBay’s new authenticity program. A team of GIA experts will perform a multi-point inspection to ensure that your item and its collateral materials are authentic and consistent with the listing image, title, and description. The unique authentication card gives purchasers the peace of mind that they are buying a genuine product from a trusted seller. With tens of thousands of 5-star reviews on eBay, SFL Maven is projecting even higher sales as online sales have grown significantly since the pandemic.

The new authenticity program from eBay is an excellent way for SFLMaven to continue providing its customers with the high-quality products they expect. With this added assurance, customers will be even more likely to purchase items from SFLMaven. Their well-established online business and recent foray into the Metaverse put them in a great position to continue growing their business and increasing sales.

“The ultimate goal of the eBay store is to reach over $100,000,000 in annual revenue one day.” – Joseph Ladin.

SFLMaven recently opened a store in the Metaverse. They are using a new patent pending NFT technology to authenticate the NFT items sold at their Decentraland store. This cutting-edge technology is another way to ensure their customers are getting authentic products. SFL Maven plans for continued sales growth in the months and years to come.

CEO Joe Ladin also added, “providing our customers with authenticity and assurances they have the items they wanted has always been a top priority.  With eBay’s new authenticity program, we can give more guarantees to customers, and this program is great news considering the growth of new eBay customers.”

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About SFLMaven

SFLMaven Corp. (SFLM) is a premium provider of high-end luxury goods. Famous for its Thursday Night Auction events on eBay, SFLMaven has driven over $140 million in sales since inception, earning more than 100k positive reviews. Now, SFLMaven has opened its new metaverse jewelry store in Decentraland. The company intends to deploy the same marketing and sales tactics that made it successful in the metaverse store.

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