Senator Warren Pulls Out of Presidential Race

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Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has dropped her bid for running for the U.S President under the Democratic Party. The senator made the announcement on Thursday while addressing her supporters in front of her house in Cambridge.

Following her exit, two front runners former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders are now left as the only contestants for the Democratic Party ticket.

After she made the revelations members from the press were quick to question who Warren will be supporting in the Democratic Party primaries, she downplayed end endorsing any of the remaining two candidates further saying it’s a decision she will make later.

We don’t have to decide right this minute,” said the Senator.

Nonetheless Warren was quick to admit she failed to find a neutral territory between the two different groups in the party.

I was told when I first got into this, there are two lanes.  I thought it was possible that wasn’t the case, and there was more room to run a different kind of campaign. Apparently that wasn’t the case,” she said.

The two Senators Warren and Sanders have always enjoyed a cordial relationship between them however they fell apart on January in a live television when Sanders denied ever tell Warren that a lady could not beat Republican President Donald Trump.

Warren accused Sanders of making her appear like a liar in front of the whole nation yet she was sure he told her the sentiments in 2018.

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