Samsung President Says 5G Wireless Is On The Way

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We could be soon blinded by how fast our smart phones load webpages as mobile companies are working to bring the next generation of wireless networks.

According to a report on Business Insider, North America President and CEO Gregory Lee said 5G wireless is coming soon to Samsung devices, with early tests of the networks hitting 10 Gbps speeds. This is as much as 100 times faster than the average speed of today’s fastest mobile network at 12.3Mbps.

Lee said that the network will be so fast that it will allow you to do things like download a movie in three seconds, have every device in your home connected, including things like your fridge and other appliances, and allow doctors to guide each other through a remote-surgery.

Lee has also said that 5G should be compatible with current technologies, including 3G/4G and WiFi, thereby eliminating the need to upgrade every device in your house but warned users to buy a new phone.