Samsung Launches Galaxy Note 8 Smartphone

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The successor to the Note 7 is finally here and considering the ill fate that it had, many are hoping the Note 8 is all that and a bag of chips.

The Note 8 has the biggest screen yet as well as new stylus features and a better camera to boot.

The Note 7 which launched last year was recalled due to them catching fire. This was a major setback for the company but they have not only recovered but are saying the Note 8 could be the best one sold yet.

Samsung’s mobile chief DJ Koh said in a CNBC interview that fans are already asking about pre-orders in South Korea. This was before the company even announced the device officially.

“I cannot disclose the specific number but even I am expecting and confident it will sell more than the Note 5,” Koh told CNBC.

Pre-orders for the device begin on Thursday.

In other news, the company is working on an Amazon echo competitor.

DJ Koh has said a smart speaker was on the way. “Maybe soon we will announce it. I am already working on it,” Koh told CNBC.