Samsung Delays Shipment of Folding Smartphone After Faulty Testing Units

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Many have been very excited about Samsung’s nearly $2000 folding smartphone and may be disappointed to learn that there will be a delay with receiving one.

The company has decided to delay the release of the phone as some reviewers have said the testing units they received had been faulty. CNBC’s Todd Haselton had been one of the users to find troubles with his testing unit.

The Galaxy Fold was supposed to be launched on April 26th.

According to Bob O’Donnell, president, founder and chief analyst at Technalysis Research, Samsung pushing to get the phone into consumers’ hands seems a “little bit rushed.”

Speaking to CNBC’s “Squawk Box ,” O’Donnell said the delay will hit Samsung’s brand.

“Granted, it’s going to hit the brand, but I don’t think it’s a killer. It’s not like the Note 7 battery issue or anything like that,” he said, adding the smartphone giant needs “to get this right.”

“I’m not quite sure why they needed to rush it. Huawei has announced a phone, but is not going to be shipping for a long time,” he said. “The importance of this device, long term, would make me presume that they would want to make sure everything is absolutely dead right with this. And clearly that didn’t happen.”

Samsung said that the foldable phone “needs further improvements” before it’s released to customers. No date was announced and the company said it would be released “in the coming weeks.”

Daniel Yoo, head of global strategy and research at Kiwoom Securities told CNBC, “I expect Samsung to solve all the problems before the newly announced official launch date, and the date will be most likely before the end of 2Q2019,” he said, referring to the three months that will end in June. “I doubt that the delay will be for long period of time given it had experience of Note 7 launch.”