Samsung Accidentally Leaks Details on New Galaxy Note 9

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Many Samsung fans are awaiting the company’s newest Galaxy Note 9, which is expected to be unveiled during an event on August 9th in New York.

The company however, accidentally leaked several details about the new phone on its website in a video ahead of the launch.

It’s been learned that the new Galaxy Note has twice the storage of any phone being sold currently on the market.

Samsung’s website in New Zealand published a video that features the not yet announced Galaxy Note 9 phone, which was first noticed by tech site SamMobile.

The video has been taken offline but another version was alive on YouTube.

In the video, the Galaxy Note 9 is featured with its “S Pen” stylus. It indicates that the company will sell a model with 512 gigabytes of storage. This is double compared to any phone on the market. The phone will also come with the support for expanding storage up to 1 terabyte.