Ride Sharing Service Lyft is Headed to Canada

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Lyft Inc. announced on Monday that the company will be launching its ride hailing service in Toronto, Canada.

This will be the first expansion internationally for the company however a launch date has not been announced.

The company wrote in a blog post, “Before you know it, Lyft will be coming to you live in Toronto.”

It’s happening pretty conveniently for the company considering that Uber has decided to not operate in Quebec, the second largest province in Canada.

“We have had our sights set on international expansion for months, and the Canadian market is an obvious fit for Lyft’s culture, values and the service that we provide,” said Lyft CEO Logan Green to CNN Tech.

“We’ve had incredible interest from both drivers and passengers in Toronto,” he also said.

Forrester vice president Carl Doty remarked, “Lyft is a little late to the [international] game, but enjoys a better public image [than Uber], which I expect will ease their expansion efforts. There is some pretty high, positive sentiment with Lyft. They are playing this slow and steady wins the race game.”

Lyft has also hired an initial public offering advisory firm this past September. The company raised $1 billion last month.

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