Premier Biomedical Inc. (OTC PINK: BIEI), now known as Nova-Graphene Ballistics, Inc., Announces Agreements to Manufacture its Revolutionary 3D-Printed Ballistic Armor Using its Proprietary Graphene Production Methodology

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Premier, N/K/A Nova-Graphene Ballistics, Inc., has Acquired the Rights to Use, Within the United States, this Proprietary Technology for Lightweight, Extremely Protective, Graphene Ballistic Plate Production

Knoxville, TN, December 20, 2022 — McapMediaWire  — Nova-Graphene Ballistics, Inc. (NG Ballistics) (OTC PINK: BIEI), now a Colorado corporation, announced today its restructuring and reconstitution as a marketer and seller of graphene products incorporating a proprietary low cost methodology to produce graphene, the hardest substance on earth and one of the best conductor materials on earth. Many experts predict that graphene will take a preeminent position in the electric vehicle industry because it is harder than diamonds, stronger than steel, lighter than most metals, with a superior conductive material. Therefore, it is extremely well suited for manufacture of, particularly electric car batteries as well as semiconductors for military applications. Historically, the impediment to the wide scale adoption of graphene has been its cost. However, Nova Graphene Ballistics partnered with Nova Graphene Inc. and Nova Graphene Canada, to unveil high quality, innovative graphene products, using a low-cost graphene production methodology.

Graphene’s specifications sheet reads like a founding member of the book of superhero materials. Graphene is 200 times stronger than steel, million times thinner than a human hair, and a thousand times more conductive than copper. Add the fact that it can withstand temperatures of 1300 degrees Fahrenheit and is impenetrable to most acids and is not susceptible to rust – graphene is truly a miracle substance.

As produced by this team, in the 12,000 sq ft light industrial facility, our graphene can be defined as a single layer of carbon atoms bonded together in a hexagonal, sheetlike structure. So the question is, “Why hasn’t this miracle substance dominated the fields of medicine (can be used a biomarker), the electric vehicle industry (as a key conductive material in electric car batteries), the semiconductor industry (as a conductive material), and the personal safety industry (as a key material such as in body armor)? The answer is complicated, but the easier answer is that manufacturing graphene at scale and still making the product economically has been a challenge. NovaGraphene Ballistics partnered with Nova Graphene Inc., and Nova Graphene Canada to fill this void. It will immediately employ its proprietary production methodology to manufacture a revolutionary, proprietary 3D-printed ballistic armor. The revolutionary garments are designed as a lightweight, perfectly fitting protective wear, virtually impenetrable. Nothing could be better suited for law enforcement and military personnel, offering unparalleled, superior protection over competing products with great comfort.

The Company committed to a policy – no convertible debt instruments. And in order to avoid issuing any significant amount of shares, it engaged in a holding company reorganization, as described below, so as to avoid any dilution whatsoever, to NovaGraphene Ballistics, Inc. from the historical debt instruments.

Director Paul Beasant (also CEO of affiliated Nova Graphene Canada), is excited to be working with the NG Ballistics team: “We look forward to this opportunity, partnering with NG Ballistics [NovaGraphene Ballistics, Inc.]. With this relationship, I look forward to bringing this next-gen technology to the market. This will enable us to fast-track our commercialization of 3D-printed ballistic plates, to help safeguard our military personnel.”

Paul Beasant, continues “The Canadian branch, Nova Graphene Canada, is just commencing its third defense contract with the Canadian federal government. This novel graphene-enhanced technology facilitates effective, lightweight ballistic protection, while improving mobility, performance, and survivability. Actual production will occur at the Tennessee facility.”

NG Ballistics CEO, Dr. Gabriel Vlad, aerospace design engineer, added:

“Much of my focus will encompass the conductive transmission properties of graphene in addition to its inherent strength, as applied to critical components used in both defense and commercial applications. As a pilot and retired servicemember, we must always be able to protect physically but also to track our troops and air, land and sea assets and enable them with all the proper gear and sensor data fusion to get them the best situational awareness to help them make better decisions in the theater. Likewise, law enforcement will also be able to track, enable/disable components in the gear and get a real-time data on complex evolving situations via optical power and data networks woven into the wearables. And finally, as an aerospace engineer, I am continuing my work on increasing not only the structural strength of any aircraft/rotorcraft/tilt-rotor via the use of graphene, but also use some of its properties for the real-time in-flight structural defects and stress analysis, etc.”

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About Nova-Graphene Ballistics, Inc. (OTC PINK: BIEI), engaged in a holding company reorganization so that the parent company, renamed from “Premier Biomedical Inc.”, has no convertible debentures outstanding. As a result, the successor issuer public company, Nova-Graphene Ballistics, Inc., has nearly no debt. The predecessor issuer’s debt remains in the original company, now a subsidiary of the publicly traded company. The Company is traded on the OTC Market, in full compliance with OTC Market reporting requirements. Nova Graphene Ballistics, Inc. is in the process of changing its name with FINRA and thus OTC Markets. It is involved in the development of sophisticated products utilizing the unique characteristics of graphene, partnering with related corporations: Nova Graphene Inc. and Nova Graphene Canada.

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